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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Questions Tuesday

(basically I haven't posted in a LOOONG time and I have to hurry off to get ready for work...so this is what you get...I truly am interested though)
1) If you could have any job in the world, regardless of pay, what would you want to do?

2) What is a guilty pleasure you have that you're sort of embarrassed about?

See a nice change from my disgruntled political post =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

So I've been silent...

And I haven't said anything really about my political views or opinions. I haven't blogged about who I'm voting for and created my own personal election ad to "teach" you or sway you. But now, I have to say something...
I just saw a disturbing video online. I don't know how credible the source is, but I must say that I don't know how these people's words could have been misconstrued or taken out of context.
For fear of offending anyone from any particular region of the country, I won't even mention where the people in the video were from...suffice it to say, they are from one of the 50 states. The video is of people at a Republican rally being interviewed about their views of Obama.
Now...before I go any further, let me say this. Your beliefs are your beliefs. I certainly have my own and have done some research and think long and hard about things before I make any decisions. I don't make my decisions based off what my family does necessarily or even my friends. I value their opinion, but enjoy thinking for myself. I'm not the kind of person who likes to bombard people with my political views or my religious beliefs. That's not to say that I'm ashamed of either of the two or even try to hide them...I just realize you have the right for me not to be in your face about them. If you want to know, I will certainly talk with you about my beliefs. As long as you are really doing your research and thinking of the good of the people and not just yourself (not to say you yourself are not important) then I fully respect you and your beliefs.
I cannot respect ignorance when there are so many opportunities these days to be educated about the issues.
So, I rambled...The people in this video (yes, back to the point) said things like "I'm afraid if Obama is president then black people will rule the country and that's just not Christian." (That was soo hard for me to type, mind you, I'm quoting someone, but still...UGH!) Seriously?? I'll just be upfront...I'm a Christian and I've never been taught anything like that! People, that kind of shiznit scares me. Please tell me where in the Bible it says that anyone other than a white boy running our country is not "Christian".
I despise when people throw around what's "Christian" and what is "not Christian"...honestly I think it makes me look like I fall into their ignorant group because I am a Christian...but I'll tell you this, I'm not one of THEM.
To hear people say that Obama is friends with the terrorists and that anyone voting for him must have forgotten about 9/11 otherwise they wouldn't be voting for him due to his ties to Muslims...leaves me speechless.
These people were also saying that Obama thinks white people are "trash". Really?? I haven't heard that. I've heard Obama attack politics and I've heard McCain attack politics...and I've heard McCain correct people at his rallys for saying things like this against Obama. So really, where do these ignorant people get their "facts"??
It scares me (sorry to keep using that phrase over and over...but I don't have a better way to put it) that there are people who will be so gullible to believe anything...and people who are crazy enough to spread such notions.
I have to say, I appreciate both Obama and McCain for standing up for each other (at times) on a personal level and trying to smash the ridiculous lies. For the record...neither candidate is perfect (yes, put that on the record!). I mean, I don't even agree with my husband 100% of the time, so I have a hard time believing that I'll ever agree 100% with any president...I don't agree with anyone 100% of the time...and you know what? That's ok, because that makes us individuals.
I feel as though I'm rambling, but you know, it's my blog and I can ramble if I want to. It scares me that my son might come in contact with one of those people I was talking about...I'm sure he will at some point in his life and he'll be stuck. Stuck because his mommy and daddy will have taught him that everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, and we will have taught him to respect people's beliefs. He'll be stuck because-how do you respect comments like that? How do you not want to yell at those people? How do you not want to tell them how stupid they are? Knowing all the while they think the same thing about you...except at least you know you're right and they're wrong...and all the while they'll know they're right and you're wrong. How do you explain that?
So, I voted today. Yep, did the early voting, did my civic duty, was patriotic, a good mommy and all that jazz...and I'm not going to be one of those people who tells you who you should vote for or what your beliefs should be (except maybe I did by insinuating that the people on the video were CRAZY)...just think. Use your noggin. And if you end up voting for someone that I didn't vote for, then I'll respect that. But don't vote for someone or not vote for someone because you're believing insane crap and racial ignorance.
Yeah, I guess I'm done now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh where, oh where...

have I been? Well, unfortunatetly I don't really have a good reason for not blogging. I know, yes, this will be a boring post. I had a baby shower this past weekend with my mom's family...they really outdid themselves and spoiled me (I see a trend here...but I'm not complaining). We celebrated my grandma's 88th birthday the same day. She was pretty funny at my shower, winning both games! (And NOT because we let her, but because she is ruthless...I'm not kidding, she didn't even let us win at games when we were kids!)
Last week at work was pretty normal, but also pretty busy. I was pretty proud of all the work I did and was trusted with. I actually got to take a call with the client we're working with (which is generally not something someone in my lowly position does), and I did great!I did take off and hour and a half early on Friday because I sooo needed it! The general consensus is that this baby is not waiting until Thanksgiving...which is fine with me, I just want him to wait until November, then he's free to make his grand appearance!
On an a health note...I should not be allowed to handle knives, plastic or otherwise for a long time! I cut my thumb pretty deep with a plastic knife at work and needed a bandaid. Then, last night while unpacking all my gifts and putting things away, I was using a knife to cut those obnoxious plastic ties that hold toys on (no, not the twisty ones, the ones that get tighter as you pull) it was like a jagged pocket knife ...yeah, I sliced about an inch long gash in my finger...I don't think it was crazy deep, but it bled like a champ! I screamed down to Josh "I'm bleeding" and then quickly added "from my finger!" Later he said he actually figured I'd cut myself and that it had nothing to do with the baby! He was good in the crisis. While it stopped bleeding pretty quick with the pressure and rinsing (and the bandaid) I still got a little woozy and needed to sit down and have some water.
Well, I'll update Connor's site in a day or so with shower info and baby room updates...See, told ya it would be boring...at least I did throw in some blood and gore for you!