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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Now, it would make sense for my New Year's Resolution to be to lose weight. Most people resolve to do that this time of year and I have a great reason...I gained 50 lbs with that kiddo down there. I've lost 30 and I'd really like to lose at least 20 if not 25 more pounds. But, I fear if I make it my resolution then I just fall into the "cop out" resolution category. I would have needed to lose the weight regardless so I should pick something else.
After thinking about it I chose:
"To be 'good'."
This was inspired by the church sermon on Sunday, but I tweaked it to fit me. I'm going to work hard to be "good". Good in all ways of life. Good to God (join the church-this one is already in the works, pray more, appreciate him more, live for him more, etc etc). Good to others (be more patient, be a good mom-even when I'm tired, be a good wife-even when I just want to yell at him, accept people more, etc etc). Be good to ME (keep myself healthy-eating, exercise, and remember to be nice to myself, etc etc). I could have thrown in blog more...but that'll be part of "be good to me". I'm sure I'll need some venting time as this year will probably prove to be such an eye opening year full of crazy times and experiences.
I'm not really sure what my plan is for being good. I should probably think about that. But hey, I've at least thought about my resolution...now I just really have to keep it!
Happy New Year Y'all!!