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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You're hawt!

OMG! Is anyone loving how hawt Jason Castro on AI is??? I'm not usu. a fan of the dreads, but homeboy has got amazing eyes/lashes and PERFECT TEETH! Wow! And now this Luke guy...what did they do, find the hawtest guys out there? I think it's TV magic...he looks sorta like my Justin (as in Timberlake)...Did they whiten all these peeps teeth or something? Who knew I could lust after people for their linear pearls? I mean, singing hot guys are always a turn on (example: Clef Hangers...oh how I'd love to hear them again, I know it wouldn't be the same people, but still)...Ok this is very rambly but I'm watching as I type. The singing tonight isn't fab, but the boys are SMOKIN'!

You say it's your birthday (dun duh duh duh dun) it's my birthday too!

Ok well, birthday was yesterday...so I'm posting about it today. It was a great birthday! Went to lunch with the girls from work (though I know some of my readers believe my lunch choice was lame...I loved it!) to Panera, then for some Gellato. Which this Gellato place was owned by this older kinda creepy man. You know the kind, talks too much and asks too many questions, he thinks he's funny, but he's not. Anywhoinwhoville, this place had the most beautiful Gellato of "over 100 flavors, made here daily and at least 28 flavors are featured each day". And they had 4 flat screen TVs, 2 of them were the menus, the other 2 were for...well, I don't know, maybe the invisible people sitting at the 3 tables in this teeny place. We were the only people in there, so I tried to pull some Breezy charm and said "so what's your birthday special?" He said he didn't have one but he'd think about starting one. DANG! That was not the return rate I expected! Perhaps had I done the "bend and snap" it would have proved more successful. The Gellato was good and still free since one of the girls paid for me...how sweet.
Throughout the day I got many emails, text messages, and phone calls. I even got a birthday poem! It sure is awesome that I have so many people that love me...seriously. I mean, people love me...went out of their way to call/email/send card/message...some people even contacted me in more than one way. I love you!
Then (enough of that sappiness) I came home where my sweet sweet hubby had baked me a cake. Ok y'all...he doesn't cook let alone bake. Not to mention he hates all desserts! He even went out of his way to see how he could make the cake low fat (used egg beaters and applesauce in lieu of real eggs and oil) LOVE HIM! He had a card for me, with some poetic words (he doesn't always do cards...) AND he went to pick up Moe's for me. I know I know, not a 4 star restaurant, but it was what I wanted! Plus, we got mine for free! I won't tell you how, let's just say we got it legit...no theifery ensued, but I can't be givin' away all me secrets! We spent a lazy evening cuddled on the couch watching a movie "Amazing Grace"...good movie. He even laid off the studying for one night, just for me!
So, I love my friends and my hubby...here's to a fabulous 29!

PS-We got the detailed results for "the boys" today...and guess what, J is on the upper end of normal in every area... THE UPPER END...again, Fertell-KISS MY GRITS!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Boy(s)!

YAY YIPPEE WAAAHOOO! The boys are "GOOD" "GOOD AND NORMAL"! I'll be honest, I really thought there was going to be a problem, but then, today...I had a sense of calmness and peace.
Ok, I'll explain...because I'm sure most of you (ok, I know there are only a few of you, but...) are like "wah?"
Go back with me in my time machine to a month ago...(lots of smoke and shaking after I push some buttons in the DeLorean)
Me: J I found out that there is now a male fertility test.
Him: Really? Well, maybe we should do one.
Me: It's like $75 though.
Him: Well if it would make us feel better then let's do it.
Me: (dang, I would've have thrown in new shoes if I'd known it would be that easy! Shoes always make me feel better.)
So I travel home that day, in the middle of the day, from work...why? No, not because I couldn't wait to pick up the $75 test, that we would later find out looked like a cheap plastic Barbie hot tub. I go home because as of the past few months my "stuff time", as J likes to call it, has been making me feel like a 7th grader all over again. I HAD TO GO HOME AND CHANGE PANTS! Can you even believe it?! Let me tell you, this was the 2nd month this had happened to me. I went through 3 tampons by 10am!!!!! (Sorry for the graphic details, but sheesh!)
So, I stopped by the drugstore to pick up some pantyliners, obviously needed, and the test.
We (just he actually) took the test that night. 90minutes, or something like that, later...no line. Meaning, at the very least, not enough motile spermies were detected. In my mind, it might as well have shouted "NOPE, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH". I seriously was the saddest I'd been in a really long time. I've been through some sad times, people close to me dying...this felt like a death. I truly felt that we would never have children.
Ok, enough of that "pitiful me" party. I got myself together after a few days. J set up some boy doctor appointments (he had been having some urinary issues anyway, so we wanted to make sure they weren't affecting "the boys").
Fast Forward just a bit...
Went to regular doc...everything looks good...blood is fine.
Urologist...everything looks good, don't think you need a semen analysis, but ok if you want one...blood tests, weeeeeeeeeeeeeell...testosterone is within normal range, but on the low end, want to do more tests, and yes do the semen test immediately-J & B freak! HOLD UP...had more blood tests at regular doctor already, "ok"...previous blood testosterone test shows even higher level...J & B are happier, J still wants the "analysis".
Fast Foward to today...
Him: I'm off to do my business in public.
Me: (lifting up my shirt for a sneak peak) good luck!
goes, comes back, naps, phone wakes us up...ugh...
Him: that was the doctor's office
Me: AND!
Him: They're "Good" "Good and Normal"

Whew, what a load off (and literally too...he had to go 5 days with nothing to prepare/store up for this test). Hope you don't mind all the personal details...I just feel soo much better.

Fertell test you can KISS MY GRITS!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confucius say:

"This current year will bring you much happiness."

No silly, I didn't actually Ouija (yes, that's spelled right b/c I looked it up...that's "wee-gee" for those of you who didn't attend teeny-bopper girl slumber parties) up Confucius, that's what my fortune cookie said on Sunday. Now, honestly if I wasn't being greedy, I would say that I already had much happiness. Despite many poor pitiful me things I could complain about...I have a great hubby, amazing doggie, the world's best friends, parents that love me...yadda yadda.

HOWEVER! Since Confucius say this, then I'll go ahead and make known the few things I could think of that would add "much happiness" to my life:

(In no particular order...)
-Britney's old body (think her body circa "Slave for You")
-A winning lottery ticket
-Conception, healthy pregnancy, perfect baby

Yeah...I think that's it.

Breezy say...Idol is on, blog is done.
Maybe there will be more blogging later, or not...Kiss my grits!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The hills are alive...with the sound of...

(Well right now that Noreaga kid on American Idol...I mean, Daniel son can really sing.)
GRUNTING! Yes, the hills, as in the ones I climbed during my mountain bike trek. Ok, so I wasn't in the mountains and the bike wasn't actually moving...but, hey, don't judge me. Praise me for actually going to the gym. Especially since I've gained at least 3lbs over the past two months. I know, it's not as if 3lbs is gonna warrant the lap-band. But, I have to get control over it now before I really grow out of all my clothes. I don't have money for that. I blame the Clomid for the weight gain, when really I should probably just blame myself for the pan of brownies, lasagna, pizza, Hershey's Kisses, etc...you get the picture. It's probably all those things, because I convinced myself that I would be "with child" soon enough, so I might as well get a jump on the weight gain (because eating is fun!). Ah well, 3lbs later and no pink line on the stick, I need to get my butt in the gym. I mean, when I do get knocked up I wanna look like a hot mama (let me dream ok!).
OH, back to the grunting...at the gym. That bothers me. Must the sweaty man behind me really grunt soo loudly that I can hear him over Ina Garten cooking the most delectable cake I have ever laid eyes on. I mean, it totally ruined me enjoying food via TV osmosis. Which really is the way to go if you ask me. Sure you don't get the flavor, the smell, the textures...but what you avoid are all the guilty calories. Yes, so I work out to cooking shows. I do especially well, I have found, when I'm sweatin' to the tune of a delicious dessert cooking. The only problem is, I really do start to crave them.
Back to the grunting. I have been in the gym with this man before. He runs on the treadmill until his shirt appears to be tie-dyed from the sweat he emits within .5 seconds from beginning his run. I mean, I don't want to begrudge the man his health...but honestly I worry about his health. If it's hurting that hard, shouldn't you stop? Work your way up, man and chill with the extra loud grunting. I have a cake baking for goodness sake!
One more thing before I end this pogo stick of thought I have going here. Another comment on grunting. When you are at work or any public place for that matter save your grunting poops for your own toilet. Seriously. If you have to grunt in public to shake that baby free, the kids might not be ready for the pool...perhaps the brown's need a little more time in the locker room before they make their debut at the super bowl. I admit, from time to time one needs to "drop one" at work. In fact, if I had the urge, I'd do it everyday b/c God knows I'd die for a regular colon. However, I don't grunt in public. I let others pee in silence. In fact, I will play musical bathrooms until I am the only one in there b/c I find it unfulfilling to do my "plops" during the flushes of other patrons, it's too stressful.
There, I said it...extra 3lbs and people who grunt in public...you gross me out, Kiss My Grits.
(Yeah, it might be my thang to end my posts with that, but don't count on it. I'll get bored with it, but probably not before you are.)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah...so you're not losing and I'm not either...yet.

Well, my very first blog is followed up by very first blog take two and blog number 3. Oops! I posted the same friggin' thing twice! I'll tell you why, I misspelled "gripe". If you look closely, I put "grip" the first time. I probably used lots of bad grammar and punctuation skills (I'm still not sure why they let me teach for 4 years...poor kids). So just get used to it, or you'll have lots of duplicate blogs of me correcting my mistakes. Take me as I am, mistakes and all. Or "Kiss my grits"!