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Friday, August 28, 2009


Apparently my son has a new name. His daily progress reports come home with “Connor” written on top, but then once you scan down to the bottom, in the “comments” section it says something like this:

“Connie had a great day today! We sang songs and he enjoyed painting an apple for our class apple tree. Connie needs more diapers”

Very interesting, I’m so glad to hear Connie is doing so well. Perhaps Connie’s mom will purchase diapers for us. I hope she got the message.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


(Where did my Breezy go?)

Well, Florida…I went to Florida. That’s not my excuse for not blogging for, oh 6 months now. I have been following some blogs, but to be honest have found it hard to care about blogging when there’s this cute little fellow attached to my leg (yes, the other day he actually ATTACHED himself to my leg with tears in his eyes because “Oh no mommy, you cannot leave the living room. Whatever will I do with you 10 feet away in the bathroom. Wear a diaper woman so thou shalt not have to pee…EVER! I WANT YOU TO STAY RIGHT HERE WITH MEEEEEEE!”-PS, my son most definitely will be taught to say “thou shalt not” because I think it would be hilarious!).

Where was I? Oh, yes, Florida. We’re here…there…eh…whatev’, you get it. I could pretend that my life has been ohsovery interesting and play “catch-up” with you. But, I’m not. I’ll give you this:
-I’ve been working-a lot
-Connor’s been growing-a lot
-Josh has been studying-a lot
-we went to the beach-was awesome!
-Josh took the BAR-it’s awesome that he’s done (waiting on results!)
-we packed up our entire lives and moved to FL-feels awesome have that over with

See, you’re caught up!

Currently, Josh has started back to school (has gotten sick and we hope it’s not the Swine Flu-so far no “oinking” sounds, so we’re probably good). Connor is in daycare (has had 2 accidents which warranted phone calls home-so far no calls today due to bumps or scrapes, so hopefully he’s good). I have started working from home! My office is set up in the 3rd bedroom (have been working away-so far I have not organized the “office”, so that’s not good). Trying to get into a routine and hopefully see some Florida sights on the weekends!

Oh please let me be tan and 30lbs lighter by the time we move back to NC. (Project, “30lb Shed” is underway-enrolled in an 8 week “Ultimate Get Fit Challenge” at the local gym. Updates will follow, since I start on Monday.)

Until next time…(kiss my grits)