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Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith (ahhh)

So America got it right this year (or well, the producers)...I was worried because I really just don't think Archuletta is an Idol. I wouldn't buy his record, I wouldn't go to his concert and he wouldn't make it on popular radio. Can he sing? Yes. Does he have a crazy gift? Yes. Will he make money off of his singing? I'm pretty sure. But it was Cook who had my heart and my vote (though I didn't actually get to vote because the line kept being busy).
Grey's is ending for the season tonight...I hope I can make it up that late, but dude am I tired. I don't really know how excited I am about it because I've missed a few (sorry, I'm sleepy these days-actually that's getting better)
And So You Think You Can Dance? is starting tonight. I was in LOVE with this show last summer. Boy do I wish I could dance like those people...well, the good people (I can dance like some of the bad people...even better...HA!).
Baby update: LONG STORY SHORT, I have had 2 ultrasounds in 5 days...the baby is fine and I am fine...am I do not intend to have an ultrasound every week so please cervix et. al. STOP BLEEDING AND SCARING THE BE-JESUS OUT OF ME! Baby is super cute and I even got to see it "swimming"...tried to peek at it's privates, but got nothing. I'll definitely keep you posted on the boy/girl status, but that won't be until late June (ugh, so far away!).
Last thing...CUPCAKES! Yes, so seriously people I have lost 5 lbs in 5 days by having 1 cupcake a day. (it's probably just water weight I lost, but let's go with the cupcakes ok? that's more fun.) My friend Rach made some scrumdiddlyumptious cuppy cakes for her hubby's b-day and sent me home with some. They have become my bedtime snack =)
Have faith people, in America, in summer TV, in your body and in CUPCAKES...you gotta have it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

All you need is love, love...love is all you need.

Have you heard the story about the girls softball game where the girl hits a home run (ie over the fence) and then is injured and can't run past 1st base? Well, you should read about it. Ok, so I tried to find you a good link and I really just don't feel like looking anymore...This story is awesome. The girls from the other team, the other team!! carry the injured player around all of the bases, touching the foot of her uninjured leg to each base as they go by. I saw the video and burst into tears. When it was made evident that the girl was not going to be able to run, the coach asked the umpire if she could put in a sub. The ump said she could, but it would only be a single. Then this girl from the other team spoke up and said "What if we carry her around the bases?" Well, that worked. Her team couldn't do anything for her (due to the rules) but the opposing team could! AND DID! It caused the opposing team to lose, but they say the girl deserved it, she hit it over the fence. Poor girl, due to the injury, will not be able to play softball anymore...but got to live her dream of hitting a home run and making it all the way around the bases.
I have to ask myself...would I think so unselfishly. I want to say "yes". I think my pre-highschool self would have said "yes". My mom likes to tell the story of my elementary school Halloween carnival when I entered the costume contest. Very proud of my costume (and now I can't remember what I was!!). My mom was helping out in a classroom with one of the games and says I came running back yelling "mommy mommy guess what?!" She said she felt sure I'd won...but nope. I was soo excited to tell her that two of my good friends had come in 1st and 2nd. I had won nothing. It didn't phase me. I'm afraid though, that as you grow older you become a bit jaded...I try not to be. I try to be happy and feel like "everything happens for a reason", but when it comes to me being so unselfish and actually helping someone else to win...do I do it? I don't know...I'm going to try and be more like my elementary school self and like those girls on the softball field that day. I hope I know how to instill that into my kids and hope that one day I hear "mommy mommy guess what..." and my child is happy for someone else who won, when they lost. What a love for other people, what an unselfish love. (I'm such a sap, I'm crying as I type this!!)