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Friday, June 27, 2008

Get in my BELLY!

Well, he is in my belly! Here's the belly pic that you've been wanting to see...it's very recent, from Wednesday. Also, I apologize that the last pic is sideways, just turn your head b/c I don't know how to turn it! We'll see if I'm right side up!

Let's hear it for the BOY!

(Here HE is...his little hands are crossed Power Ranger style below his face.)

"Let's hear it for my baby!" I just love that song...but you know what I love more? My baby...my real baby. It's a boy!! Yes dad, Josh, was wrong...oh so wrong. This boy is not shy about showing you his "manhood". He was all spread eagle and he's a wiggly little thing too. The nurse doing the ultrasound was talking to him, asking him to stop wigglin' for a minute b/c she needed to take some pictures. Though he wiggled the ENTIRE time, she was able to get all the pictures she needed and good ones. We have several of him posing (good grief, just like his mama, posing for pictures!). He's throwing up the peace sign in one of them...such the little rockstar! We got two 4-D pictures of him...AMAZING.
I am completely amazed. Yes, my belly is getting obviously big and yes people still keep picking on me. You know what though...my doctor measured me and I'm right on target for the size I'm supposed to be (the nurse confirmed it!). So HA, IN YO' FACE RUDE TALKERS! (sounds like a Moe's dish huh?) But it's still amazing that there is a little person in there...a little person named Josh Connor. We're calling him Connor, after Josh's grandfather, but Josh really wanted his name in there.
I have never been happier in my life and though I've had some really sad and hard times in my life...I've had LOTS of happy, but this takes the cake! And all my friends and co-workers yesterday were so sweet to let me fly on cloud nine all day and brag about how cute my baby is. Connor. Oh, so awesome to call him a name! He's measuring perfectly, photographing perfectly, and so far...behaving perfectly. However, he is a boy so I'm REALLY hoping that he'll take 1 big thing from each of us...his looks from Josh and his behavior from me (yes, I was a "good girl" and caused no trouble for my parents...I'm all about him helping me be a good parent!).
Connor, I can't wait to meet you, but I will because I want you to be strong and healthy...I love you baby boy! (and I'm sorry your daddy has been calling you "she/her" for so long...I told him not to)
By the way Josh is over the moon and grinned from ear to ear yesterday about his son, never fear, he is NOT disappointed. He kept jumping up from his seat to get a closer look at screen to see his little boy =)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Party at my crib!

Yay!! We got the crib...it's in pieces and sitting in the guest bedroom...which is still full of furniture. So it seems we won't be putting it together for a little while. But I'm very eager to!
Speaking of eager, we'll be doing our own little celebratory dance on Thursday because we'll finally be able to call our baby by its name! Yes, Thursday is the ultrasound day and yes, we have names picked out. I'll be sure to post and let you know =)
We had Josh's cousin and her hubby over for the weekend...soo much fun. Even though we didn't do a ton it's so much fun to hang out with a couple that you get along with so well and feel so comfortable with. Love them! And they bought us the cutest pacifiers from the UNC student stores...Go Heels! I think it'd be totally cool if they had "Duke Sucks" pacifiers, but I guess that's inappropriate language for a baby.
Last thing...GO SEE "GET SMART"...soooooooo funny, ignore the reviews and listen to me. I laughed my ass off and believe me, it's gotten bigger so that was no easy feat. Hilarious!
Better go feed my dog so I can go join some friends at Torrero's yuuuuuummmmmmmmy...too bad I still have a few more months before I can partake in the Margharita's, oh well, it's worth it!!
Love you baby ___________ (we'll know what to call you soon!)

Common Courtesy

Here are some things that have been bugging me about people lately:
1) Not holding the elevator door when you obviously see me coming
2) Not saying "Thank You", when I (a pregnant lady) hold the door for YOU!
3) Saying "When are you due" only to follow it by "are you sure you're not having twins?"
3) Leaving the toilet full of pee and toilet paper (we are adults here people)
4) Not wiping the toilet seat after you've had what appears to be an explosion (how does one flush and not notice they got some doo doo on the back of the seat? how do you get doo doo on the back of the seat?)
5) Giving no response when I smile at you and say "good morning" in the hallway
7) If you're one of those kiosk people at the mall and I tell you I'm not interested don't keep pestering me
8) Don't be so hoity toity and ignore me when I'm the ONLY customer in your store...YOU ARE A FRIGGIN' SALES PERSON FOR POTTERY BARN, YOU DON'T OWN IT NOR IS IT LIKELY THAT YOU ARE SOO RICH YOU CAN IGNORE ME (not that I want to be pestered in stores, but it just doesn't make good sense to ask me if I need help when I'm clearly standing at the register with my purchase...um no, genius, I helped myself)
9) People who jump a buffet line just b/c they are coming from the other direction (this refers to the pizza table today at work...there was a clear progression of a line people, you just don't walk up to the opposite end and pick up your slice when I've been waiting!!! You're very lucky there was another piece of pepperoni for the preggo lady!)
10) Taking my order while you are on the phone chatting with your friend...ok so maybe I should learn from this b/c I've given my fair share of orders while I'm on the phone with friends...point taken.
I'm sure there are more things that bug me, but these are the 10 that came to mind...What bugs you that you'd think would be common courtesy?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh No She DIDN'T

Oh yes I did, 3 count them 3 posts in one day. It's a new record people. I was beginning to worry that I might have lost my fan base, but hopefully you'll still check on me every so often...Don't give up on me!
So, another "Oh no she didn't". The other day I went to the cafeteria/breakroom downstairs where we have a caterer (um, no it is not that great of food, but hey, it's there). I got a yogurt. I'd noticed the lady eyeing me a few times before when I've gone to get ice. Heck, I've noticed several people around the office eyeing me...but let's just say they've had a little more tact than this woman.
**Warning, the following vernacular is not meant to offend, just meant to be verbatim**
Her: Is you gainin' weight?
Me: Yes, I am...but I have a good reason, the baby's making me do it.
Her: Well I thought yo' face getting puffy and yo' belly stickin' out.
Me: (nod, pay for yogurt, think mean thoughts)
So, really? Is that what we're saying to people we don't even know nowadays? Seriously? If you've known me for a while you probably know that I have what I call "fat face days". I fear I am cursed with the bloat gene from my mother who bloats at the thought of sodium. So some days, for many years now, I wake up and think "ugh, my face looks fat" and others I wake up "hell, yeah, today is not a fat face day". I tend to feel fat faced lately at the end of the day when I'm blown up like a beach ball. It's weird, in the morning, I look like I'm 15 weeks preggo (which I am) and by dinner time, I look around 30 weeks...no joke sister.
This particular day I didn't think I was having a fat face day and needless to say she squashed that. I already feel like I look bigger than I should, but what can you do. My arms are flabby mush and my legs/butt/thigh area, well, let's just say it's looked better. I need to exercise, I know this...but the air quality is not so good these days b/c of the heat. I did go swimming the other night and I swear my legs had less cottage cheese from only one night of exercise...they probably got all excited like "OMG! We are muscular, we can tone up, you must love us again you are using us...yippee!" Only to realize it was just a one night stand. Poor legs.
I envision myself finding my long lost Britney Spears circa Slave for You body, after the baby is born...I fear this might not happen, but I'm like that little ant pushing the rubber tree plant. I have "high hopes, she's got high hopes, she's got, high apple pie in the sky hopes" (what? your mom didn't sing you the ant and rubber tree song? sorry...I sometimes forget I'm soo cultured.)
Ah well, what's most important is a healthy baby...love you little ninja (oh, that's the new baby name b/c when we went to our last appointment the baby was kicking a ton during the doppler heartbeat reading).

And yet, another post

Get excited!! I know you've been waiting a while for a post and now more than 1 in a day!
So I have a few random questions:
1)What the heck are you people watching on TV?? Seriously I need evening TV advice I don't know what's on or worth watching since all my shows are on hiatus 'til the fall. HELP!!
2)Um yeah, so I've got a few months still, but I'm already stressing over feeding the baby. I have no clue about this. I plan to try and breastfeed, but I want to use bottles as well so Josh can feed the baby. WHAT KIND OF FRIGGIN' BOTTLES DO YOU FRIGGIN' USE AND HOW MANY DO I NEED TO GET? PUH-LEASE HELP ME ON THAT!
3)What do you people use for skin care...I can't get too expensive here, but my back looks like a teenage boys face. I suppose it could be worse, I guess my face could look like a teenage boy, but still...it's summer and you have to show your back at some point.
4)I have this reoccurring bad taste in my mouth. It's triggered by acid I think, but I can't live without fruit or Italian food, so I need help. Can I get rid of this? I know it's a pregnancy thing, but sometimes it's soo bad just the taste of my own mouth makes me feel sick.
5)I need some new, fairly healthy and cheap recipes. I'm starting to feel more like cooking, but I get in a rut.
6)Any mommy that may be reading...Suggest to me something you had for your baby that you couldn't live without and something you had that you really didn't need.
Ok, I'll leave it at 6...6 very important questions mind you!

Four Score and 3 Years Ago...

Ok, so it wasn't Four Score, but it was 3 years ago that I married my hubby =) We celebrated 3 wonderful years yesterday. For as much as he can be "a guy" and get on my nerves...he's the most thoughtful, loving, caring, funny, witty, smart, special man that I know. I don't often talk about him or how great he is...well every so often I do have to tell him these things because as he likes to tell me "I need praise sometimes"...I don't brag about him as much as I could, or should. He really is the perfect one. No, not perfect person, who is?, but he's the perfect one for me.
When I think back about that wedding day the thing I remember most is walking towards him and knowing it was for always. We both come from divorce. In fact I've been through 4 marriages (other than mine) and he's been through 2 (other than ours). How do we know how to do this? I don't know if we know how it's supposed to be done, but we know what's working for us and that we'll always have to work at it.
When we began as a couple I thought I'd always love him more...he teases me that he loves me more and to a certain degree he is right. Oddly enough, he loves me better. I am spoiled. I love him more than he can imagine, but I must admit he's better at showing it than me (now I'm sure if you asked him, he'd say I was better at it). And, I like it that way. I think it's good for us to "compete" to show the other person how much we love the other. Can't hurt to compete over that right?
Yesterday he showed me just that again. Not that I needed a gift, but my gift for my 3rd anniversary was a day at the spa. I get a massage and a pedi. "The 3rd year" he said, "is leather and I couldn't find you anything leather. So I thought I'll 'let-her' have what she wants." He still wants to be my knight in shining armor. How thoughtful. What did I get him? Well, I got something for the baby...toys. Josh loves lions and I went and bought several lion baby toys. He thought it was great, but I think we know my gift from him was better. I started to cry and say "we shouldn't spend the money for me to have a spa day" and he said "well, that's for the baby too, you're carrying the baby..." I tell ya what, he has become so sweet about this whole baby thing. Not that I thought he wouldn't, but it's just soo special to see. I asked him the other day if it bugged him that everyone always wanted to talk about the baby and a lot of that attention was on me. His reply "No way, this baby is the most important thing in my life right now."
He still thinks I look sexy and beautiful despite the bloat and weight gain and gas etc. He packs my lunch and writes me notes about the wonderful mommy I'll be. He lays his hand on my belly and prays for the baby. He reassures me when I'm obsessing over fears. He buys me organic milk because that's better for the baby. Once the baby is born he wants me to start drinking a glass of red wine a day because he heard it can add 10 years to your life and he wants to keep me around as long as possible. He cleans the kitchen every morning and vacuums the stairs because I shouldn't strain myself. He gets me drinks or a snack in the middle of the night if I need one. He can't wait for me to have a craving so bad I have to have something random in the middle of the night so he can go get it. He listens to my complaints and rants even when he doesn't want to...and at the end of each and everyday he loves me.
He is wonderful and I can only hope that our son will be just like him and that our daughter will find a man for herself that is just like daddy. How truly blessed I am in these three short years and how blessed the rest of my life will be because of him. He says I changed him, saved him, made him better...all I know is that I knew all along this is what it could be like. Thank God I was right.
I love you honey! My K.I.S.A forever! (Knight In Shining Armor)