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Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith (ahhh)

So America got it right this year (or well, the producers)...I was worried because I really just don't think Archuletta is an Idol. I wouldn't buy his record, I wouldn't go to his concert and he wouldn't make it on popular radio. Can he sing? Yes. Does he have a crazy gift? Yes. Will he make money off of his singing? I'm pretty sure. But it was Cook who had my heart and my vote (though I didn't actually get to vote because the line kept being busy).
Grey's is ending for the season tonight...I hope I can make it up that late, but dude am I tired. I don't really know how excited I am about it because I've missed a few (sorry, I'm sleepy these days-actually that's getting better)
And So You Think You Can Dance? is starting tonight. I was in LOVE with this show last summer. Boy do I wish I could dance like those people...well, the good people (I can dance like some of the bad people...even better...HA!).
Baby update: LONG STORY SHORT, I have had 2 ultrasounds in 5 days...the baby is fine and I am fine...am I do not intend to have an ultrasound every week so please cervix et. al. STOP BLEEDING AND SCARING THE BE-JESUS OUT OF ME! Baby is super cute and I even got to see it "swimming"...tried to peek at it's privates, but got nothing. I'll definitely keep you posted on the boy/girl status, but that won't be until late June (ugh, so far away!).
Last thing...CUPCAKES! Yes, so seriously people I have lost 5 lbs in 5 days by having 1 cupcake a day. (it's probably just water weight I lost, but let's go with the cupcakes ok? that's more fun.) My friend Rach made some scrumdiddlyumptious cuppy cakes for her hubby's b-day and sent me home with some. They have become my bedtime snack =)
Have faith people, in America, in summer TV, in your body and in CUPCAKES...you gotta have it!


Stacy said...

Mmm, cupcakes. Yummy!

*marissa* said...

i want cupcakes! so funny we watch the same shows :) glad you and baby are doing great!