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Monday, September 21, 2009

It's my NOOFUS!

I'm not feeling much like smiling. Had a great weekend, away for a night with the hub...baby with Nana. So I should feel like smiling, but...It was raining when I woke up this morning. Now it's pretty, but I've been inside all day. Inside, stuck inside working. Two friends had fun birthday weekends, but I couldn't celebrate with either of them. Stuck in FL, here in FL for 10 more months. Missed my workout class twice last week. It was making me feel so good, that has made me feel guilty, yucky guilt and fat rolls.

BUT, Josh has gone to pick up Noofus (the nick' of the nickname "Goofus Noofus", it sooo fits him)...and that makes me smile. I'm smiling just waiting to see his smile, his big big Noofy smile.

I think I'll smile all night. Yep, made my mind up, just gonna do it. He deserves it (plus he 'causes it).

YAY! They're here! Mommy's coming to squeeze you!
(Thank goodness for him.)

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Natalie said...

I read your comment over on Buford Betty's blog and had to come here and applaud you for your response. I myself have read the FSOG series a couple times now, and like most really enjoyed it. I hate those out there who have only heard what the media has spewed out and haven't taken the time to read them themselves, yet judge those who have as heathens who love porn and are going to hell! (that may be a tad dramatic but you get what im saying!)

Anyways, I think you comment came across as respectful while successfully getting your point across. I hope to comment I'm getting ready to leave sounds just as respectful! haha