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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yikes! I haven't posted in a week...good grief. I really have no excuse especially since I've been on couch arrest all weekend and yesterday (possibly today, we don't know yet). Yeah so, quick update on me:
*blood pressure slightly high on Friday
*ordered to lay around all weekend
*blood pressure higher on Monday
*ordered to lay around all day
*doc appt moved to today at 10:30am
*nervous about what they'll say
In many ways I hope that they say "let's just go ahead and induce, since your BP is staying higher than we'd like". The reality of that is, I might freak out a bit. I mean, I have these moments of "WHEN WILL MY BABY GET HERE?! I'M SOOO READY!" They are usually followed by "BABY!? WHO'S HAVING A BABY? ME?! REALLY?! WHAT IF I CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN AND FREAK OUT AND WHAT IF HE DOESN'T LIKE ME OR I DON'T LIKE HIM OR I SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST AND ARE YOU SURE THAT'S WHAT THIS BIG WIGGLY BELLY MEANS?!" Yeah...I guess that's all normal and stuff. It's just, I've been so excited and now that it's actually here (well maybe, well it's soon regardless) I'm having some freak out moments.
It kinda feels like the top of the water slide. You've waited all year for summer time to come and you finally convinced mom and dad to take you to the waterpark. Your cousins are flying down each slide laughing and having the time of their lives. You see this, you know how badly you want that too...but, you're scared-what if you're not as brave as them. You suck it up, singing to yourself (because that calms you down) you put the mat down on the slide, the kids behind you are waiting so you force yourself to go because as scared as you are you can't turn back now. It's pretty unnerving the whole way down, you're singing, you're praying (for what I don't know-that you don't fly out of the side of the slide or drown in the 2 feet of water at the end even though you know how to swim) and you make it to the end. You run out of the pool to the other kids and shout "which one's next?!" Wash-rinse-repeat.
Yeah, so I hope it's like that...especially since waterslides, in my experience, have been fun and painless!
I'll try to keep you informed, but if the baby appearance is imminent then it could be a while...or I could just be lazy like I've been for the past week and decided that there's nothing interesting going on in my life nor do I have anything worth reading to say, so avoid posting. Y'all keep posting though because I'm keepin' up with all of you!


Pregalicious said...

maybe we'll have babies on the same day!! you'll be fine and you'll be so glad when it's over!! you'll be so in love that the pain will be a faded memory...thats why people have more than one kid! haha. good luck and keep us posted!! i'm headed to the doctor at 1 today and hoping they'll say let's do it!

Anonymous said...

When is your due date? I forget :)

Breezy said...

Well, the BP was down and the doc gave me a clean bill of health and will check my BP again on Friday. She said that if it goes back up then I'm back on modified bedrest and if it stays high then they'll induce at 39 weeks (which is the end of next week)...offical due date is the 28th. Boy am I ready!
Thanks Pregalicious, for the pep talk-I needed it...good luck to you I'll be checking in on you!

Amy said...

How exciting that Connor will be here soon. I'm glad the BP is down although I would advise you to take any excuse for rest you can find right now.

Surf Girl said...

OMG - you sound so much like I did it's scary!! (And I thought the nose getting numb after drinking was spooky.)
I felt the same way you do about it being like a water slide. I was all "I'm ready....no, wait!" Believe me, it's all worth it in the end. :)
Keep us posted - I'll be thinking about you!!

Anonymous said...

So November 28? WOW! For some reason I thought he was going to be born around Christmas--gosh, that's great news!! Not much longer :)!!! Two weeks??

LSU Melanie said...

Good Luck to you! I cant wait to see the pictures of your little bundle of joy:)