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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Triple Aaaack!

So you'd think since I haven't posted that I'd had this baby already or something...at least that'd be a good excuse. But alas, 'tis not the case. I have been bored. Laid around the house, taken many a come-on-baby-get-out-already walk, done some cleaning, watched a few movies, decided to succumb to the Twilight phenomenon and read blogs. Write blogs-notsomuch. I just didn't have anything interesting to write about. Didn't want to complain about the rash that covers my body from ankle to belly button, how I've gained 50lbs and am FREAKED about how that will (or will not) come off, how bored, pathetic and READY I am to not be pregnant anymore...not to mention just READY to see, hold, touch, smell, kiss, snuggle my little boy (which, just still sounds crazy).

I did want you to know, that if I go on another hiatus, it is because the baby has come. PRAISE THE LORD, I finally saw a doctor who feels my pain/itchiness (because really, the itchiness is enough to drive me INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!) and I'm going to be induced! WAHOOOOOOO to the tenth power! I check into the hospital at 6pm (so we'll be leaving the house in about an hour and a half and holy crap the next time I set foot in my house I will have my baby with me!).

If I'm dilated enough they'll start the pitocin tonight, if not I'll get some Cervidil to soften/dilate/efface the cervix and if that doesn't do the job well enough to start the pitocin in the morning...then well, I'm getting him cut out! I'll plan to post the birth story later...let's hope/pray/do a dance that it's very uneventful and boring to tell =)

The next time we speak...I'll be a mommy-so you know what that means? I get to tell that nurse from oh so long ago that my "delayed menses" has turned into a BABY BOY!

PS- They estimate Connor's weight to be 8lbs 14oz...so yeah, let's hope they're over estimating a bit!


suburban prep said...

My sister is in the same sort of situation. She is due any day is she is huge (in my estimation). They do not know what the sex of the baby is although I think it is going to be her third boy. She has a 3 and 2 yr old so she rarely get time to rest these days.

Surf Girl said...

Congratulations on finding the doctor to induce! That last week is not fun. I can't wait for your next post - I'm so excited for you!

Beckers said...

Brianne, I've seen the pics, and he's precious! (And even bigger than the doctors predicted -- 9 lbs 3 oz, for you other readers!) Congratulations!