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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Game of Life

I think your dad said it best when he looked at me and said "We've won at the game of Life". I'd have to agree. You're perfect in everyway. Mommy can hardly believe you are 9lbs 3.6oz (yes, I put a decimal in there...as the one who birthed you I'm claiming every bit of you!) and 22 inches long.

Every doctor and nurse we've seen have commented on how "great" you are, how awesomely cute, alert and well-behaved you are (of course it might just be part of their job, but your dad and I agree with them anyway!). You're perfect in everyway-did I already say that? You're the softest thing I've ever touched and I can't stop touching you, holding you and kissing you. Mommy sometimes gets bored easily, but I can't imagine that holding you and looking at you would ever bore me. I am in love. You are amazing.

Mommy did a lot of picking on you because you were exactly a week late! Daddy and I checked into the hospital at 6pm Thursday night to receive some medicine over night to help mommy's body prepare for your arrival. Friday morning we were supposed to receive medicine to induce the labor process, but while that medicine was being ordered and mommy was eating breakfast (because they didn't expect labor to start for a long while) and showering...you started to come all on your own. In a big way. The contractions started, yes STARTED at 2 minutes apart and lasted 1 min 20 seconds each. Mommy felt like a big wimp because the pain was so intense...daddy was a real trooper and helped mommy every step of the way. Even with the paralyzing pain and vomiting (yucky) we all trucked along as best we could (hooray for "he he he whoooo").

The doctor came in and saw mommy in pain, learned about the contractions and said "Are you ready for that epidural"...Mommy jumped (well, not literally) at that medicine! While I thought I'd be afraid of the needle in the back, I didn't care at that point! It worked IMMEDIATELY, life was great again and mommy kissed the anesthesiologist (well, not really...I think daddy would have let me though!). Daddy and I rested for a few hours and then mommy felt like she needed to get the party started and push. (A mean ol' nurse said "Well, you are ten centimeters, but you shouldn't start pushing...let your body do the work or you'll get worn out."...but being the type of mommy that she is, she advocated for herself-and you-and said "Well, I really think I want to try, it will make me feel better"...so we did). An hour later, you were in mommy's arms and she's not wanted to let you go since.

Your daddy has been more amazing than anyone could know...I knew he'd be great, but he's almost as amazing as you are. Mommy has needed a lot of help and daddy has done it all perfectly. I haven't even changed one diaper, daddy is taking the best care of you and me. I love him more and more each day...he's amazing with you and I can tell you love him so.

You're mine, you're daddy's and we're forever. It's more than I could have ever imagined and all worth it. I love you forever and always my beautiful boy.


Surf Girl said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful and I loved your story! Isn't it amazing how much you loved him immediately? I was blown away by how I felt after my little boy finally arrived.
Again, congratulations!!

solo nicole said...

he is perfect!!!! congrats!!!

*marissa* said...

he's so beautiful!!!! so happy for you :)

Buford Betty said...

He's so sweet and perfect! Congratulations!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Congratulations!! He's beautiful!!