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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nuttin' Much

Nuttin' much going on here. Just obsessing over the Olympics, hangin' with the hubby, bugging Babies R Us about my dang furniture, petting my doggie, running errands, stressing about the budget (aka lack of $$)...ah, you know the ush (pronounced "yoo-zsh"). Thus, I really have nothing to say. I had thought of several things I wanted to blog about...I tell no lies when I say-MY PREGO BRAIN CAUSED ME TO FORGET ALL OF IT.
One thing I can harp on again is the fact that 2 stalls in the potty at work today were gross! How do you flush the toilet and not see the surprises you've left behind for the next person. I no longer take care of children (that is until mine arrives) and I will not clean up after you. It is not in my job description and I didn't have rubber gloves. SERIOUSLY! I know, I've mentioned this before, but we are adults...wipe the dang seat!!
On another note, my hubby did a short trip to the grocery today and came home with a surprise for me...2 boxes of brownies (b/c it was 2 for $4). Which I promptly made and ate a big ol' chunk of. I have been saying I want brownies a lot lately.
I truly am sorry I have nothing else to offer you today...I went swimming, came home made my deviled chicken salad, ate my brownie and I'm watching Wheel Of Fortune on the couch with my puppy dog...life is lame...but most of the time I like it that way.
Hope you are enjoying yourself whether you've got nuttin' much going on or a lot!

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Kristy said...

New to your blog and loving it!