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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Moment to Brag About

So I don't brag on my hubby too much here...mainly because then if I complained about him you'd think I was just a mean hormonal beotch. Just two days ago I was soo mad at him for being insensitive, but...that's another story. I've decided that the reason I get soo mad when he does act insensitive or mean is because it seems soo out of character when you consider this:

At 9:30 last night, I was here...home...alone (well, with the doggie) watching Comedy Central. Where was my husband? Off with another woman. Before you get all "WHAT?" remember I told you this was something to brag about. You see, he was at the hospital with another pregnant girl...that was alone and in labor. She was nervous (I'm guessing that translates to "scared $hitless") and is a single girl. Her family is in another state, mom was on the way, but it would be hours. This "other pregnant lady" is a friend of the hubby's, they go to school together. I've only met her a couple of times, but I can only guess that she sees some things in him that I do...trust, genuine caring for others, and a man that would be there. So,as soon as he found out she was at the hospital he worried on and off throughout the evening about her being there, in labor, alone. I was crying because I just couldn't imagine having to do that alone. (Heck, I cry when I think about doing it with him right there b/c it makes me nervous, translation "scared $hitless"). He asks me if it's ok if he calls her back and sees if she'll let him come over. Of course I say "yes". I'm hoping she'll let him come...I'm hoping she'll MAKE someone come. He calls and she's in lots of pain and says "please come". I cried...how hard for her...how sweet of him.
Yeah, so I laid here last night...cuddled up with my puppy. And he, well, he went and showed us what a good dad he is, even if it's not his "turn" yet. He got the nurse when her water broke, she squeezed his hand through the contractions, he listened to her scream. He called about 10:30/11 to say that he'd gotten a couple more friends to show up and the "pregnant lady's" cousin got there. He waited for a while to see if she'd go in delivery and have the baby (her cousin was going into delivery with her...I know he wasn't something he wanted to do, but I think if she'd wanted him to, he'd have gone in there with her...her cousin was there and she went). He got home about 1 am, she still hadn't had the baby...but she wasn't alone.
I love him!


*marissa* said...

awwww!!! that is so awesome!!!! you've got a great guy :)

Surf Girl said...

That is one of the sweetest things I've heard in a long time - what a great guy!! He'll be a fabulous daddy! And very nice of you to share too :)

CindyLooHoo said...

I love me some Josh! There has never been a doubt in my mind the lengths Josh would go to for a friend...so as blessed as I feel counting him as one of mine, I can only how truly blessed you are to claim him as an ever better friend- your hubby! You make a dynamic duo!! (Give him a big hug for me:)

Beth said...

Hey Breezy, it's Beth. I cannot say how proud I am of that boy! I mean, I've always known he'd be there for me or any of his friends or family if we needed him, and we all know his depth of devotion to you, but for him to go to that length for someone, that's just the greatest! He's great-guess that's why he's one of my favorites! Take care!

Stacy said...

aw, joshie-poo, so nice!

rachel said...

yup. that is something to brag about.