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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's 4:00am...do you know where your husband is?

Guess where I found mine at 4:00am this morning?? Just guess...nope...uh-uh...wrong...you'll never guess it! Wait-who said that? That's right! He was in Connor's room, rocking in the rocking chair, holding the monkey we made at build-a-bear and reading tax! Cute as it was, I'm worried about him. This is the second night in a row I've caught him up around this time doing school work! He's in his last year of law school and with baby on the way and the BAR looming over him, money issues, interviews for jobs, responsibilities with school and the law journal-whew! He's got a lot going on!
I take for granted that he doesn't "shut down" like I do. I cry, pout, feel sorry for myself, get angry, refuse to do work and then at the last minute some how pull through get the job done. He seems so much stronger than that...and is, but that doesn't mean he doesn't stress.
I'm the one who obsesses and stresses about money...if we don't have a budget/plan in place then I freak out and can't focus on anything other than the budget until it's done! He however, sees himself as "the man"...the "provider". Not that he's all "a woman's place is the home" (though he has enjoyed the occasional "haha, you're barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!") But I think these past few years of law school and accruing more debt and me being the only one bringing home a paycheck (except for this past summer-whew his paycheck helped!) has made him feel more pressure to have something amazing come out of these last 3 years of school.
Yes, it would be fabulous if he landed a big job...that he enjoyed...and that could pay for a new house (with a backyard for our son and dog), travel, new cars, etc. He knows I don't have to have those things-but we both definitely dream of them. Regardless of what job he gets, grades he attains or any honors or recognitions...me and the boys (the dog and the baby) will love him no matter what...just because of who he is.
I just hope he doesn't stress himself out too much! Keep him in your thoughts...that he sleeps at night! (though he claims he believes it's Connor waking him up saying "daddy, get used to this time because this is when I'll be waking you up in a few months"...I do wish I'd taken a picture of him rocking that monkey and reading his tax book!)
Love you honey!

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