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Thursday, September 11, 2008

You don't look that big today!

Yeah...I'm trying to take it with ease now. But how do you respond to that? Anywho, where have I been and what have I been doing? Not blogging obviously. Really not a lot going on. We do have some baby stuff going on (doc appts, labor/delivery tour, pediatrician interviewing, 3D ultrasound, daycare touring...and that's just this month), other than that really I just come home, cook dinner and sit on the couch.

I am in the middle of planning a big party for the hubby's 29th-yeah, it's not his 30th yet. But, with baby on the way who knows what we'll be able to do for his 30th next year. My 30th on the other hand is in February and I see lots of partying in my future-someone just needs to remind me that 2 drinks got me plenty tipsy before baby and surely I won't be able to have more than 2 after baby!

UGH! My beach trip last weekend was canceled...my only beach trip this summer. I can't tell you the last time I didn't see the beach during the summer. And the friggin' hurricane was a bust! Now, I'm thankful for that...just wish I'd known it was safe to head to the beach where the hurricane was landing! NEXT YEAR I'M GOING FOR A WEEK...EVEN IF IT'S JUST ME AND THE BABY!

So I need to go get ready for work, but the Today Show just reminded me that today is 9/11. I'm ashamed to say that earlier this week all I thought of today as was 2 of my friends birthday's...selfish of me because this day directly affected soo many people and our country. I'm one of the lucky ones, I don't know anyone that suffered or died because of 9/11. I truly am not so ignorant that I don't recognize what an impact this day still carries...I will be thinking about it all day. I did visit "ground zero" a couple months after the attack and I can't even describe the feelings I had being there...even stronger than when I visited Pearl Harbor.

I hope our new president can fix some relationships we have with other countries...every American is not selfish, ignorant or intolerant.

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Stacy said...

I totally only thought of "must email Jennifer" today too until I caught a special on the radio station I was listening too. So you're not the only one!