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Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Boy(s)!

YAY YIPPEE WAAAHOOO! The boys are "GOOD" "GOOD AND NORMAL"! I'll be honest, I really thought there was going to be a problem, but then, today...I had a sense of calmness and peace.
Ok, I'll explain...because I'm sure most of you (ok, I know there are only a few of you, but...) are like "wah?"
Go back with me in my time machine to a month ago...(lots of smoke and shaking after I push some buttons in the DeLorean)
Me: J I found out that there is now a male fertility test.
Him: Really? Well, maybe we should do one.
Me: It's like $75 though.
Him: Well if it would make us feel better then let's do it.
Me: (dang, I would've have thrown in new shoes if I'd known it would be that easy! Shoes always make me feel better.)
So I travel home that day, in the middle of the day, from work...why? No, not because I couldn't wait to pick up the $75 test, that we would later find out looked like a cheap plastic Barbie hot tub. I go home because as of the past few months my "stuff time", as J likes to call it, has been making me feel like a 7th grader all over again. I HAD TO GO HOME AND CHANGE PANTS! Can you even believe it?! Let me tell you, this was the 2nd month this had happened to me. I went through 3 tampons by 10am!!!!! (Sorry for the graphic details, but sheesh!)
So, I stopped by the drugstore to pick up some pantyliners, obviously needed, and the test.
We (just he actually) took the test that night. 90minutes, or something like that, later...no line. Meaning, at the very least, not enough motile spermies were detected. In my mind, it might as well have shouted "NOPE, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH". I seriously was the saddest I'd been in a really long time. I've been through some sad times, people close to me dying...this felt like a death. I truly felt that we would never have children.
Ok, enough of that "pitiful me" party. I got myself together after a few days. J set up some boy doctor appointments (he had been having some urinary issues anyway, so we wanted to make sure they weren't affecting "the boys").
Fast Forward just a bit...
Went to regular doc...everything looks good...blood is fine.
Urologist...everything looks good, don't think you need a semen analysis, but ok if you want one...blood tests, weeeeeeeeeeeeeell...testosterone is within normal range, but on the low end, want to do more tests, and yes do the semen test immediately-J & B freak! HOLD UP...had more blood tests at regular doctor already, "ok"...previous blood testosterone test shows even higher level...J & B are happier, J still wants the "analysis".
Fast Foward to today...
Him: I'm off to do my business in public.
Me: (lifting up my shirt for a sneak peak) good luck!
goes, comes back, naps, phone wakes us up...ugh...
Him: that was the doctor's office
Me: AND!
Him: They're "Good" "Good and Normal"

Whew, what a load off (and literally too...he had to go 5 days with nothing to prepare/store up for this test). Hope you don't mind all the personal details...I just feel soo much better.

Fertell test you can KISS MY GRITS!!!


Beckers said...

Yay! I'm glad y'all had good news from the doctor. Sorry about the seventh grade flashbacks, though. But hey, when you get pregnant, you won't have to deal with periods for 9 months! Something else to look forward to (besides the whole baby thing). ;)

Stacy said...

Only you could make a Cyndi Lauper song about sperm. Hehe, funny! Now every time I hear that song I will think of the spermies. Not J's spermies - that's weird...just spermies in general.

Yippee for the boys! Now, let's get them to play nicely with the girls and share!

Breezy said...

Thanks for being excited with me...I mean, you would've thought that we also found out we're pregnant as giddy as the two of us got. We really had some doubts (damn Fertell). All night last night J kept saying..."we're gonna make a baby". It was a good night. (Plus we got to see Will Ferrell interview Roy Williams and hug Eric Montross at the "Will Ferrell Funny or Die Comedy Show"...I'll blog about that later-shhh, i'm at work right now!)

Beckers said...
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CindyLooHoo said...

OK..maybe one of the funniest blog entries I have read in forever.

Now, can totally sympathize with the "stuff time". Read my last 2 entries and it should say it all.

We are praying for you and Josh, and know this will happen for you in perfect timing. Just enjoy the steps it is taking you guys to get there!!!