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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confucius say:

"This current year will bring you much happiness."

No silly, I didn't actually Ouija (yes, that's spelled right b/c I looked it up...that's "wee-gee" for those of you who didn't attend teeny-bopper girl slumber parties) up Confucius, that's what my fortune cookie said on Sunday. Now, honestly if I wasn't being greedy, I would say that I already had much happiness. Despite many poor pitiful me things I could complain about...I have a great hubby, amazing doggie, the world's best friends, parents that love me...yadda yadda.

HOWEVER! Since Confucius say this, then I'll go ahead and make known the few things I could think of that would add "much happiness" to my life:

(In no particular order...)
-Britney's old body (think her body circa "Slave for You")
-A winning lottery ticket
-Conception, healthy pregnancy, perfect baby

Yeah...I think that's it.

Breezy say...Idol is on, blog is done.
Maybe there will be more blogging later, or not...Kiss my grits!


Stacy said...

hmm, how can you have the britney body and be preggo? if you figure that one out, then you can go on Oprah and make millions! Do it bree, figure it out!

Breezy said...

I guess I should have specified that I want the Britney body before and after I get pregnant. I'm really hoping Confucius was right because I just ate 6 homemade chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and I'm sure that's not on the "how to get Brit's former body" plan. But, it is on the Breezy has the worst cramps and back pain EVER KNOWN TO MAN. So bad, the pain was creeping down to my legs. I'm staying home to self medicate today and get in hot tubs of water if I need to.

CindyLooHoo said...

I just thought I would let you know that I think you must have a defective mirror- not the kind they have in those strange "houses" at the carnival. Just some crack that distorts the image about halfway down- BECAUSE YOU LOOK GREAT! And I really must remind you, if you had an army of nutritionists and personal trainers, you too could own abs of steel. But we live in the real world:)

Breezy said...

Ah Cindy you are wise...we do live in the real world. HOWEVER! It is what Confucius say...don't tell Confucius we live in the real world...shhhh, he might decide not to grant any of my wishes =)