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Friday, July 18, 2008

Please Don't Go Girl

Yeah, so NKOTB is making a come back. They are back together and touring again. I can't say that my 29 year old self is all "wahoo, that's some good music, what a band". BUT, my 10 year old inner self is "OMG! NKOTB I LOVE THEM!"
When they were on the Today Show a while back, I came in late to work b/c I was dancing and singing along with their concert. Again, say what you will, but the 10 year old inner child in me was screaming and crying and waving my hands (ok, so I wasn't crying, but if I was there I would have been!). Depending on how long you've known me, you may have heard the story about how I've actually touched Joey Joe =) Yes, for reals doh! We held hands, albeit for a brief moment, but hey I put that right up there with the time I went to the Grammy's and was in USA Today with Justin Timberlake and the time I was almost in a movie in NYC.
Now for the sad part...At first, there was no concert in NC. The closest one would have been ATL. But then, one day while I was sitting in my cube, minding my own business (probably eating some candy-for the baby) I got this email. Subject line: NKOTB in Charlotte! Yes! SCORE! I'm totally going I don't care if the tickets are a bazillion dollars-HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE! WHAT?! They aren't coming until Oct 30th? Seriously? Why not July 30th...Heck, why not Dec 30th?
The hubby thinks (and I guess I agree) that Oct 30th is waay too close to baby Connor's birthday and I shouldn't chance it.
I like to think that Joey Joe planned this whole thing for me. I mean, he's coming back to NC, where we met, held hands, gazed into each others eyes...well, even married preggo mama's are allowed to dream.
So, Que Sera Sera...whatever will be, will be. I guess I'll just have to hope that Joey has Santa-like intuition and is able to find the Breezy wherever she may be. I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime, if you one of those people who are interested in my pregnancy/Connor updates you can continue to find those at the "Connor" link over on the side there. I've created a page for him so my relatives, friends, strangers who love babies or ridiculously huge short southern pregnant women (yes, the belly has grown substantially, pictures will be up on Connor's site soon...whoa is me, literally whoa!).
As NKOTB would say keep "Hangin' Tough"!


Beckers said...

Apparently the NKOTB show in ATL sold out immediately.

My elementary school love for the New Kids was tarnished when I realized that Jordan Knight really is totally gay. (People used to tell me that back in the day, but I was too young to understand or care.)

I just want to know what drugs Jonathan Knight is taking, because wasn't he like housebound from agoraphobia for awhile? He must be on some good drugs now!

Breezy said...

Yay! I'm so glad they sold out...that means, that even if I'd tried, I wouldn't have gotten tickets so oh well. I guess I'll jsut have to wait until next year's tour and take Connor with me (yeah, so he probably won't like it or have the same love for it that I do...but you know, his daddy did have a secret wish to be in a boy band...)

Anonymous said...

Miss Breezy,
I think we might have to have it out over Joe!! I was TOTALLY convinced I was going to marry him and have a cute blue eyed, curly haired little baby boy. I still hope I get to meet him! Your story makes me really jealous and you know it! Haha!
I need to find out if we are getting free tickets at work. I need to figure out how to meet him.
Remember how he had 7 sisters and 1 brother? Wasn't his bday like Dec 31 1972?? I miss being 10! Isn't that funny I just pulled that out of my head?! Hahaha.
That is so cool Connor has a blog!

CindyLooHoo said...

So...I just had a flashback to the concert in MD when I went to see them...I remember the girl band The Cover Girls opened up for them. And I remember being so high up in the place, they looked like little ants...and I also remember when they came out on stage crying so hard I almost fell over into the row below me. I certainly did not think Jordan was anything but PERFECT back then, and just knew he was going to call me down from my seat in the rafters.
Scary part is that my hubby was at the same concert...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

The Cover Girls!! I forgot about them!! And Dino??! "That's the way it has to be cause that's the way I like it!!"

I went to two concerts and the second time I did not get to bring a friend because my brother cried to go! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Stacy said...

I still think we should chance it...I mean, what better story could I have then "my water broke during Please Don't Go Girl?!"

Anonymous said...

If you guys want to go, I'm in!