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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really? I mean...really?

So, my husband makes fun of the fact that a month or so before I started blogging I said something like "who blogs? that's just weird." Yeah, so now, I LOVE IT. I love reading what's going on with my friends and with people I don't even know. Which brings me to the "Really?"
DUDES...PEOPLE READ MY BLOG! I don't mean my friends or cousins and what not (they read, or at least they say they do)...I mean ::gasp:: STRANGERS! People I don't know! Now, how they find me is a mystery. Probably the same way I find them, clicking on other peoples blog lists. Now, just the other day I got a comment from someone I don't know. Thus, I began reading her blog. I then began clicking on her blog list and lo and behold! MY BLOG IS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S list of blogs they read! WHAT?!
I mean...really? People read my rambly ellipses filled run-on sentence badly punctuated string of nonsensical thought? To quote my show "SERIOUSLY"?! Kinda makes a girl feel, all special and stuff. It also makes me feel...PRESSURE. What if they think I'm stupid or boring or shallow or annoying or...or...I don't know but peopleIdunnoreadmyblogandthatiskewl!
Ok, enough...I shall pull myself together and not act like a dorky little girl. Ah hem. Well, thank you for stopping by and reading. Please feel free to make a comment because lord knows that when my regulars don't keep up with their posting I need something else to read during my lunch breaks at work. So, comment (but please remember even though I'm not bombarding you with preggo stories, I am, well, vulnerable...I cried for no reason at church today, we were just singing the morning songs and well...I cried like a baby...soo embarrassing!)
OH, and the hubby says I should explain "Kiss My Grits" (I thought maybe I did explain that in my initial post, but perhaps not)...Hopefully I'll remember to tell you that. I'd like for you to guess though (I suppose it won't be much of a guess if I did already tell you-so fingers crossed I didn't). The lines will be open at the end of this post, standard text messaging rates don't apply, all comments are free. Let's see if you're as cultured as me =)
(Ha ha! I DID make an initial post that explained "Kiss My Grits"...but, I have removed it, for now...I'll tell you this though the Grits part has nothing to do with the little tid bit I just learned about GRITS being an acronym for "Girls Raised In The South"...though I am.)


CindyLooHoo said...

Well...even though I too forget your initial blog, I just thought it was referencing Flo from Mel's Diner (Alice). Now, it could just mean you have an "I don't care attitude"...either way, it's cute.
I see you in 5 days...OMG!!!!

LSU Melanie said...

stopped by your blog today and wanted to say hello!!!

Surf Girl said...

Love your blog! And I totally know what you mean about the comments. I was like a giddy little girl when I got my first commenter :)

Melissa and Pete said...

Ironically I just put a link on my page because I am enjoying reading your blog so much!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Hey! I'm a stranger & I'm reading your blog! Too cute! BTW, I loved Alice & my Granny says Kiss my grits all the time. Check out my blog!