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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh No She DIDN'T

Oh yes I did, 3 count them 3 posts in one day. It's a new record people. I was beginning to worry that I might have lost my fan base, but hopefully you'll still check on me every so often...Don't give up on me!
So, another "Oh no she didn't". The other day I went to the cafeteria/breakroom downstairs where we have a caterer (um, no it is not that great of food, but hey, it's there). I got a yogurt. I'd noticed the lady eyeing me a few times before when I've gone to get ice. Heck, I've noticed several people around the office eyeing me...but let's just say they've had a little more tact than this woman.
**Warning, the following vernacular is not meant to offend, just meant to be verbatim**
Her: Is you gainin' weight?
Me: Yes, I am...but I have a good reason, the baby's making me do it.
Her: Well I thought yo' face getting puffy and yo' belly stickin' out.
Me: (nod, pay for yogurt, think mean thoughts)
So, really? Is that what we're saying to people we don't even know nowadays? Seriously? If you've known me for a while you probably know that I have what I call "fat face days". I fear I am cursed with the bloat gene from my mother who bloats at the thought of sodium. So some days, for many years now, I wake up and think "ugh, my face looks fat" and others I wake up "hell, yeah, today is not a fat face day". I tend to feel fat faced lately at the end of the day when I'm blown up like a beach ball. It's weird, in the morning, I look like I'm 15 weeks preggo (which I am) and by dinner time, I look around 30 weeks...no joke sister.
This particular day I didn't think I was having a fat face day and needless to say she squashed that. I already feel like I look bigger than I should, but what can you do. My arms are flabby mush and my legs/butt/thigh area, well, let's just say it's looked better. I need to exercise, I know this...but the air quality is not so good these days b/c of the heat. I did go swimming the other night and I swear my legs had less cottage cheese from only one night of exercise...they probably got all excited like "OMG! We are muscular, we can tone up, you must love us again you are using us...yippee!" Only to realize it was just a one night stand. Poor legs.
I envision myself finding my long lost Britney Spears circa Slave for You body, after the baby is born...I fear this might not happen, but I'm like that little ant pushing the rubber tree plant. I have "high hopes, she's got high hopes, she's got, high apple pie in the sky hopes" (what? your mom didn't sing you the ant and rubber tree song? sorry...I sometimes forget I'm soo cultured.)
Ah well, what's most important is a healthy baby...love you little ninja (oh, that's the new baby name b/c when we went to our last appointment the baby was kicking a ton during the doppler heartbeat reading).


T-ann said...

My legs too long for some exercise. I bet I have you beat on the cottage cheese legs. As a matter of fact I think I blinded my husband tonight getting off the couch with them. Maybe he thought it was a bad shawdow or glare from the flatscreen. At least you have walked your legs. I have only walked one. These legs will definetly come join your legs sometime soon in a date to the pool. P.S. Your mom sent me sweet doggie card that had bandaids on the legs. Very sweet.

Stacy said...

OMG, I just had a similar experience yesterday (read my blog). What the hell is up with people?

Beckers said...

Honey, when Britney did that video, she was 19 years old, had no kids, and had the time/money to spend 3 hours a day working out. For your own mental health, I implore you to set a more realistic post-baby body goal. Hell, Britney doesn't look bad NOW for someone who has had two kids.

You are beautiful, and the bitch in the cafeteria is, well, a bitch! If you encounter another idiot like that, I hope you'll inform them of just how inappropriate and stupid they are! Wish I'd been there with you so I could have said, "Seriously? Did you just ask her if she was gaining weight? SERIOUSLY? What the hell is wrong with you?!" People need to learn.

Breezy said...

Beckers is right about the Brit bod...I'll be happy if I can go back to last summer's body. But, a girl can dream right?

Beckers said...

Yes, outrageous body dreams seem to be unavoidable: I want to look like Bar Rafaeli!

Breezy said...

OOO, OOO, I'll look like her too! Then we'll be twins!

*marissa* said...

you face be gettin fat. hahaha. some people are so klazzy (were you still at the party for that one??). i think you look beautiful-i love pregnant women and the glow!!!!

Stacy said...

girl, are your fingers getting fat? you needs to be posting!