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Thursday, June 5, 2008

And yet, another post

Get excited!! I know you've been waiting a while for a post and now more than 1 in a day!
So I have a few random questions:
1)What the heck are you people watching on TV?? Seriously I need evening TV advice I don't know what's on or worth watching since all my shows are on hiatus 'til the fall. HELP!!
2)Um yeah, so I've got a few months still, but I'm already stressing over feeding the baby. I have no clue about this. I plan to try and breastfeed, but I want to use bottles as well so Josh can feed the baby. WHAT KIND OF FRIGGIN' BOTTLES DO YOU FRIGGIN' USE AND HOW MANY DO I NEED TO GET? PUH-LEASE HELP ME ON THAT!
3)What do you people use for skin care...I can't get too expensive here, but my back looks like a teenage boys face. I suppose it could be worse, I guess my face could look like a teenage boy, but still...it's summer and you have to show your back at some point.
4)I have this reoccurring bad taste in my mouth. It's triggered by acid I think, but I can't live without fruit or Italian food, so I need help. Can I get rid of this? I know it's a pregnancy thing, but sometimes it's soo bad just the taste of my own mouth makes me feel sick.
5)I need some new, fairly healthy and cheap recipes. I'm starting to feel more like cooking, but I get in a rut.
6)Any mommy that may be reading...Suggest to me something you had for your baby that you couldn't live without and something you had that you really didn't need.
Ok, I'll leave it at 6...6 very important questions mind you!


T-ann said...
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T-ann said...

Ok-baby questions no clue. However, I do have some ideas on food. I told you about adding the olive oil and french onion packet as you stir fry red potatos. Very good side dish. That is easy. Um... I already shared my other good ones with you Dorito Casserole and Taco Soup and Cheesy Potatos. So, there.. I am just giving ya an easy side dish.
oh, for your back. Neutrogenia Body Wash. The orange soapy kind that sort of looks like the color of dial soup. My dad uses it and I believe we use to back in the day. Will dry it right up.

Beckers said...

1. I'm pretty much just watching Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Conan O'Brien—usually recorded and watched the following evening after work. Or Law & Order reruns, that old standby. Ain't nothin' else on TV worth watching!
2. No clue, although it seems like glass bottles might be best. I keep hearing about problems with various plastic bottles, and glass can be easily sterilized. But honestly, I have no clue!
3. Neutrogena body wash is always a safe bet!
4. Four words: Orbit cinnamon chewing gum. I was seriously addicted to that stuff for awhile. Makes your teeth feel clean!
5. Cannot help you here. I am so not a cook.
6. I'm not a mommy, but I know that you need a good chair for the baby's room, probably a comfy armchair-type rocker. Might have to go to a baby store (i.e., not just a regular furniture store) to find the right chair.

LSU Melanie said...

you are NOT alone with the back issue...neutrogenia seems to be doing the trick, but we shall see! Congrats on your baby boy!!!! very exciting!!!