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Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's hear it for the BOY!

(Here HE is...his little hands are crossed Power Ranger style below his face.)

"Let's hear it for my baby!" I just love that song...but you know what I love more? My baby...my real baby. It's a boy!! Yes dad, Josh, was wrong...oh so wrong. This boy is not shy about showing you his "manhood". He was all spread eagle and he's a wiggly little thing too. The nurse doing the ultrasound was talking to him, asking him to stop wigglin' for a minute b/c she needed to take some pictures. Though he wiggled the ENTIRE time, she was able to get all the pictures she needed and good ones. We have several of him posing (good grief, just like his mama, posing for pictures!). He's throwing up the peace sign in one of them...such the little rockstar! We got two 4-D pictures of him...AMAZING.
I am completely amazed. Yes, my belly is getting obviously big and yes people still keep picking on me. You know what though...my doctor measured me and I'm right on target for the size I'm supposed to be (the nurse confirmed it!). So HA, IN YO' FACE RUDE TALKERS! (sounds like a Moe's dish huh?) But it's still amazing that there is a little person in there...a little person named Josh Connor. We're calling him Connor, after Josh's grandfather, but Josh really wanted his name in there.
I have never been happier in my life and though I've had some really sad and hard times in my life...I've had LOTS of happy, but this takes the cake! And all my friends and co-workers yesterday were so sweet to let me fly on cloud nine all day and brag about how cute my baby is. Connor. Oh, so awesome to call him a name! He's measuring perfectly, photographing perfectly, and so far...behaving perfectly. However, he is a boy so I'm REALLY hoping that he'll take 1 big thing from each of us...his looks from Josh and his behavior from me (yes, I was a "good girl" and caused no trouble for my parents...I'm all about him helping me be a good parent!).
Connor, I can't wait to meet you, but I will because I want you to be strong and healthy...I love you baby boy! (and I'm sorry your daddy has been calling you "she/her" for so long...I told him not to)
By the way Josh is over the moon and grinned from ear to ear yesterday about his son, never fear, he is NOT disappointed. He kept jumping up from his seat to get a closer look at screen to see his little boy =)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on little Connor! That's a great name. Great pics! I love reading your blog and when you called Stacy, I am like don't tell me the name, I want to be surprised! Congratulations!!!

Gnome said...

Wow! That picture is amazing! Okay... I don't have a whole lot of friends who've had or are having babies until now, so I'm not down with the ultra-sound thingys. How exciting! And I love the name! Congrats!

Gnome said...

By the way -- it's Tammany, Stacy's friend. And thanks for the comment, by the way!

Beckers said...

Aw, he's a little cutie!

CindyLooHoo said...

That picture is phenomenal!!! Amazing!

*marissa* said...

YAAAAY! baby ninja connor! i love it!!!!!! congrats!