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Friday, April 11, 2008

Every hearbeat bears your name...

"...loud and clear they stake my claim. My red blood runs true blue, when every heartbeat belongs to you!" Ok, I really think I'm right on this one, pregnancy brain and all, that's Amy Grant. At least it's her voice I hear when I sing that song in my head and I was into her in middle school.
Anywho, before I go any further I want to say this...My baby has a heartbeat of 147 bpm, is implanted safely in my uterus, where my cervix is closed tight to keep baby in and baby is exactly EXACTLY how old I said it was...my calculations were PERFECT (just like my lil' embryo) 6 and 4/7 weeks, and finally is a whopping 7mm (also my HCG is 28,000, where it should be). I have a picture and papers from UNC's ER to prove it!
ER? EEEEEEEEERRRRRRR? You say? WHAT? Yes, ER. Well, I can be calm about it all now because of what I just told you about my perfect perfect baby (ok, let me go with the perfect for now, I had a hard day yesterday).
I'll try to give you the readers digest version, but you know I can talk. Plus I was in the ER for 6 hours! (imagine that!)
11:15 am I head to the potty at work...blood, red blood. I begin to shake and cry and go into shock and 5,900,765,234,180 thoughts ran through my head.
11:16 am Tara and I are in route to the Dr.'s office (luckily I have good friends and she offered to drive...probably for the best) Josh was in class and I g'chatted him to tell him, in the middle of class, poor thing and he left to meet us.
11:17 am Dr's office "we about to close for the day you'll have to call the triage nurse"
11:18 am Triage nurse "well, why don't you wait and see if it stops because you're not having any pain". Me, "NO I WANT TO BE SEEN!" Her, "Oh, you want to be seen, ok, let me put you back to the receptionist to see when we can work you in".
11:19 am Calling other offices because mine can't see me until 4:05 and that just won't do for me!
To make this long story a little not as long...I end up in the ER because that was what another nurse suggested to me after I'd called about 5 places with no luck.
UNC Hospitals...I'll have to tell you about all the interesting people at the ER later.
Finally, at 2 pm I'm undressed, in a lovely hospital gown with peeptoe black heels and there's my handsome baby daddy in his suit. Because he has a mock trial at 5pm and if you remember, I'm supposed to be the defendant.
The cutest sweetest blonde girl came to see me and she was my doctor...I love you! She was exactly the kind of doctor I needed yesterday, understanding, calming, reassuring and gentle.
I was sent up to ultrasound around 3. If you've never been wheeled through a hospital in nothing but your undies, a tacky hospital gown and your peeptoe shoes...I say it's a must! UGH!
Ultrasound at 3:15...we see the corpus luetem (sp?) cyst, which explains the pressure on my left side (this nourishes baby in the beginning) with the "ring of fire" around it. We were told we saw the right ovary, though I didn't see a thang! Then she moved towards the uterus...I saw a spec! She moved and got a better picture and said "there's your baby" and then I saw some flashing and could hardly wait for it and then she said "and there's the heartbeat". OMG! The happiest day and scariest day of my life! Josh and I held hands and just cried. Perfect...measurements, dates, heartbeat, perfect!
I still had to wait 30 minutes to be wheeled back downstairs to the ER and get a pelvic exam. And then wait several more hours for a private room for the exam so I didn't have to be behind just a curtain w/ other people around. Well...we ended up doing the exam behind the curtain. Cervix closed!
No explanation for the red blood...and as long as things stay healthy, I don't even care. Yes, it was a little scary hearing that stats say 50% of the time blood ends in miscarriage and 50% of the time pregnancies go on just fine. I have to believe and do believe this baby is meant to be and my little heartbeat "will go on and on".
Keep baby in your thoughts...Josh thinks it's a little girl just like me that needs immediate gratification...Like "hey mommy daddy look at me!! look at me now, don't wait 'til next week!!" (Because, just so you know, I found out a week earlier than most that I was pregnant, it was a Thursday...I saw the heartbeat a week earlier than I was scheduled to, it was a Thursday...and my due date is 11/28/2008 the Friday after Thanksgiving...um, yeah I'm betting baby shows up that Thursday just in time for Thanksgiving dinner =) )
You know what Mother Goose Says:
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

-My baby's going places!! And just FYI, I'm a Sunday baby (eh hem, the best one!).
PS-The nurse at my doctor's office was still calling this a "delayed menses". HEY LADY, I GOT THE PICTURE AND THEY EVEN TYPED "BABY" ON IT...A REAL LIFE HEARTBEATING BABY! KISS IT LADY!


Beckers said...

Glad to hear that everything is A-OK with your "delayed menses"! :)

P.S. What happened with Josh's mock trial? Did they reschedule your acting debut?

Breezy said...

You know what they say, the show must go on. I came late and still performed.

Stacy said...

It's a girl, it's a girl!!! Seriously, old wives tale that when the heartbeat beats on the faster side like that it's a girl. I have 3 co-workers that swear by this (one has 4 kids). Anywho, proof for me that I'm right and it's a girl! :)