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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grease is the picture, from yummy pizza snacks

So my fatty Mc-fatterton butt needed some pizza snacks (seriously though they have kicked nausea's butt for the moment and I was hungry!) and I ate them...if I had my camera I'd take a picture of the grease stained paper towel they laid on...Oh well, you'll have to settle for the description.
Here are all the things I spied in the grease spots left on my paper towel by the yummy pizza snacks (yes, I am ready to go home from work):
jelly bean on a skateboard
alfred hitchcock
a hotdog on a skewer flanked by marshmellows
one of those ghosts from pac man
a snail with ears
a squirrel
a dog
a motorcycle
Looky there, 2 posts in one day! Both fabulously entertaining I'm sure you will agree! Go eat some pizza snacks, they are waaaaaay better than grits!


Beckers said...

Breezy, you are not right—and I mean that in the absolute best way. :)

*marissa* said...

seriously, you need to be a comedian!