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Monday, April 28, 2008

Honest to Blog!

I have been meaning to blog, really I have...I just didn't think you wanted to hear about how crappy and tired I've felt. How no food sounds good and I'm tired of laying around doing nothing, but too tired to do anything about it. How I don't cook for my husband anymore and he has resorted to fast food and doritos (but hey, he is a big boy and is capable of cooking). How my house is the dirtiest it has ever been and how there are more clothes on the floor than in the closet.
But, on a far more interesting note (well, not really interesting, but not as "oh woe is me"...) I felt fabulous on Saturday and went to my cousins wedding reception. Honestly, she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I know I'm partial because she's family, but seriously. The pics from the wedding at the beach are amazing! We ate, we danced and I was TIRED!
Therefore, I spent the entire day on Sunday laying around. Truly, that is all I did. I took a shower in the attempt to go to church, but alas, J had to go it alone (and I was quite proud of him for going without me...he filled me in on the funny British man I missed). For the first half the day I layed around and napped in my towel. Yes, going upstairs for a t-shirt was too much trouble. I did finally put on a t-shirt, though I never brushed my hair or put on any make-up...quite the mess I was.
We watched "Juno"...FINALLY!! I thought it was great, you go Ellen Page! Sooo cute. Jen Garner didn't have much of a part in my opinion and was almost lost in the movie, though that was probably because Ellen Page was soo awesome. (Jen also bored me a bit, but maybe her character was supposed to be boring, though it seemed like they wanted you to love her at times, which I did...I just think there was something missing). Good for you Justin Bateman to make a come back in such a good movie (though I don't know if I'd call it a "come back" what else have you done lately? maybe I'm just oblivious and he really had been around lately.) And little Michael Cera, I'm not sure if he can play other types of characters (b/c this guy was much like his character in Superbad, though a little more naive) but he's got cute geeky naive guy down pat. Can we be friends Ellen? I think she's in another movie coming out (supposedly she did it before Juno). I definitely want to see it. Go see Juno if you haven't...I reread my commentary to make sure I didn't give anything away, and I didn't. By the way, J is requesting that I yell "Thundercats are go!" Watch it, you'll see what I mean!
We also rented "I Am Legend"...though about 10 minutes into the movie the power went out, thank goodness I'd already eaten an early dinner! So we lit candles and talked on the couch...it really wasn't as sweet or boring as it sounds, just kinda peaceful and us. I went to bed early. Yep that's my life.
I am going to be a goon and order some maternity stuff from Old Navy. I could be wrong, but all the sizes are S, M, L, XL and I figure I'm a medium. Plus it's warm here through November most of the time anyway, so the clothes should fit at some point! They are having a 50% off sale thru Thursday so I'mma go online shopping when I get home. And it's not just maternity, but everything! Who knows, I might even order something baby =)
Oh how I wish I had something inspiring, uplifting, comical or interesting to say to you...but I don't. I'm lazy. But hey, at least I blogged...you had something to read!


Sabrina said...

It's Jason Bateman. And he starred on TV in Arrested Development (with Michael Cera), which is a crazy awesome comedy that got canceled.
His sister is Justine. :)

I dont think I've official said congratulations, btw!

Breezy said...

Thanks...I was thinking, who's parents do that "Justin and Justine"...I of course remember Justine, she starred opposite my childhood crush in my favorite 80's show "Family Ties" (my crush being Michael J. Fox). I never watched Arrested Development, so I guess I'm partially to blame for it's cancellation.

T-ann said...
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T-ann said...

Nice- nice to see you blogging on PPD Time. Of course I read on PPD time... So, I am not a saint myself. However, it is past PPD time that I have billed, however I am wasting time until my hubby comes to get me. Happy Shopping! Hey, show me what you get tomorrow at work too! That will burn some time as well

CindyLooHoo said...

Finally-you blog!
Haha... I was all ready to stand up and cheer for Jason Bateman, but I see Sabrina beat me to it! I love him, but am more in love with Michael Cera. LOVE HIM! It made me want to start my own obsession with orange tic-tacs :P
Juno is a really great movie...seen it 3 times now, and will certainly add it to our collection.
Have fun shopping! I just spent my lunch break the other day shopping at the Gap/Maternity next to my work with my 6 month pregnant co-worker. She got the cutest things!! I can't wait to see you with a baby bump!!!!!

Stacy said...

i wish i had random comments to remove! :)

Breezy said...

well...that comment that was deleted was removed by whoever wrote it, not me...makes you wonder though. very mysterious! we know I'm not that cool to get randoms...yet!