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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feed me Seymour!!

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you thought you, someone you love or someone you don't even know might perish in the process? If the answer is yes, then you have possibly been pregnant before or you're just crazy. So it goes like this...Food is tricky lately. Even though I've been feeling a lot better the past 2 days, it's still hard to figure out what "sounds good" to eat. Lately, I don't cook because A#1 I am WAAY too tired to do that by the time I get home B#2 The thought of cooking grosses me out. Plus, I can only eat exactly when I'm hungry and exactly what sounds decent.
So tonight...I left work 20minutes early because I HAD TO GET A TOTINO'S PIZZA AND I HAD TO HAVE IT THEN. I am not even kidding you. I have not had cravings that bad. This I think was an obsession. The moment I thought Totino's sounded like something edible, it quickly moved from "only edible" to "the only thing in the entire galaxy that sounds edible". I really thought that if someone tried to stand in my way I'd go all Butner Psycho style on them and then be sent to UNC for observation. I can talk about this now because the pizza is sitting safely in my belly and I've started cooking the brownies (hey, I didn't even have to crack an egg, it was the squeeze from the tube kind).
OMG!! Only one pepperoni left, thank God because I really would have fought all 80's-gotta-have-that-cabbagepatchkid-style if anyone else had tried to get that pepperoni pizza!

Dear Mr and Mrs Totino,
I have loved your pizza since college. In an effort to keep the pounds down I have in the past few years only eaten them as a treat. I could, you understand eat them everyday. They are that good and you two should have a Nobel Peace Prize for the amazing unique style of crust that you use for your delicious pizzas. I will say that I was almost brought to tears when your pepperoni pizzas were taken off the shelves for those looong months.
Your pizzas are a huge part of our lives. My husband eats several weekly. Now that I am pregnant I allow myself to eat more of your heavenly pies. I must tell you that you have earned a purple heart in my book as you saved my ass today! I really think tears, blood or worse would have had a part in this story if I hadn't been able to get one of your pepperoni delights.
Thank you for partnering up for such a wonderful cause as the most tantalizing pizza known to man's freezer. You ROCK!
Your biggest fan,

This my friends is a sad but true story. My oh so boring life has resulted in this. My brownies are beeping...remind me to tell you why I sat at my desk with a paperclip attached to my nose for at least 20minutes yesterday...again, true story.


Stacy said...

OMG - I just had the same feeling about carrots and veggie dip. I'm not kidding, I just ate a whole bag of baby carrots. I will regret this tomorrow! However, I will rest well knowing that my baby's eyes must have x-ray vision now from all the carroty goodness!

PS - Still hungry and hoping James will be home soon so I can beg him to cook something or go out and get me something. Must eat again soon!

T-ann said...

Geez, well with all the pregnant talk about food, last week it was frosty from wendys. I myself had to have one tonight while watching TV. Wendys is only like 3 minutes away. Sadly, I am not pregnant. I just wanted something sweet and cold. But Junior size hit the spot.

CindyLooHoo said...

Good lord- you make me rally want a combination pizza right now! Those ridculously small bits of pepperoni are truly addictive! Well, at least the baby is eating yummy things!